LOGIK_UG_NY_2015 (Compatible with IFFS 2012.0.0 and up)

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We are thrilled to announce the 2015 Holiday Edition of the NY Flame User Group on Wednesday, Dec 16th!!

What a lineup:
• Paul Andrews from Autodesk will be going in-depth with the new Connected Conform Workflow.
• Javier Mendez from CineSys-Oceana will be showing an app he developed to automate archiving in the background.
• Joel Osis from Tendril in Toronto is back to break down 2 recent jobs: One that involved giving life to 2d stills using projectors, substance textures and extended bicubics, and another showing his take on additive keying.
• And Flame Family Product Manager Will Harris will be making his first appearance at the NY Flame User Group! Will is going to talk about the recent changes to the Flame product line and share his thoughts for the future before engaging in one of our legendary Q_A sessions.

And if that isn’t enough
Kevin Rosin from Eizo will be showing off the Eizo CG277 27 IPS LCD Monitor.
There will be a Flame running on a Mac Pro for people to check out, food and drinks will be provided, and at the end of the night we will be giving away some fabulous holiday prizes!
Not a bad way to wrap up a phenomenal year for the NY Flame User Group!
As usual, space is limited and registration is required, so please RSVP via the link below.
Thanks as always to our sponsors, Autodesk and Cinesys/Oceana for their support!

Wednesday, December 16th 7PM
50 Eldridge St, 7th Floor
New York

Shader based on: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4dl3R4

MatchBox version by ivar _at_ inferno-op.com

Version notes

Older versions that shader

6th of December 2015

  • Invitation shader for the LOGIK UG Meeting 2015 Winter Edition

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