Ls_Bevel (Compatible with IFFS 2016.0.0 and up)

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Bevel - cheap pseudo-bevel for text, using the Gaussian Distance Transform. Can output normals to be fed into an Action normal map for more sophisticated lighting. Sadly it is not possible to create a displacement map this way, so it’s not a true 3D surface :(


Height map is the shape of the area to bevel, typically a black/white matte but images are possible too
Back input gives colour to the beveled area
Matte is used to limit the area which is comped over the back

lewis _at_
graphistesmoke _at_ (Sebastien Delecour / Sebquismoke)

Version notes

UI tweaks

Older versions that shader

12th of September 2022


UI tweaks

1th of January 2017

  • Sébastien Delecour’s additions to Bevel
  • Merge branch ‘master’ of

24th of November 2016

  • fix nans on linux in black areas

1th of March 2016

  • bevel n that
  • a lot of bevelling work
  • get out old sinc
  • bevel icon
  • tooltips n comments
  • bevel youtube link

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