Ls_Chips (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Chips - sample colours and show their names. For sensible results the input should be sRGB or video, not scene linear or log.

Make sure to use the .mx version of this shader rather than the .glsl, to work around Flame losing the connection to the font texture grid image when the batch setup is closed!


lewis _at_

Version notes

packaged Ls_Chips as .mx to avoid it losing its texture grid image

Older versions that shader

12th of September 2022


packaged Ls_Chips as .mx to avoid it losing its texture grid image

23th of November 2016


checking if texture image upload works

26th of August 2016

  • note about Chips’s texture grid EXR

21th of August 2016

  • go
  • so much… couldn’t begin to start
  • multiple strings rendering ok!
  • switched to storing strings in texture (!)
  • these are the colours, they need unicode -> ascii cleanup
  • fixed unicode issues, tidied up colour names, swapped channels
  • aspect ratio correction
  • lots… moveable, sampling patch w/text & rounded corners
  • scads of stuff - three chips, new shape, voronoi
  • defaults, no triangle tag ends over voronoi, better
  • voronoi AA working GREAT. rest of shader in bits
  • ring on side of patch… don’t like!!
  • a betta place
  • now with sRGB values on second line
  • moved some buttns
  • a lot. saturday morn. dynamic hex and rgb strings
  • tidy
  • oops
  • new colour dictionary, nice place… SLOW
  • fast again - binned colours into 40 columns to accelerate search
  • comments
  • allow move off screen to disable chip
  • voronoi now uses chip centres not corners
  • palette + fixes
  • chips texture image .exr, and locked geo in .hip file
  • indents
  • tryna fix aspect probs
  • tips
  • icon
  • updated houdini file
  • merging chips from other repo
  • don’t need this .csv, the data is in the .hip file
  • removed duplicate colours
  • zig zag palette order
  • better default chip positions for good palette colours
  • Merge branch ‘chips’, not tested on Nvidia yet

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