Ls_Filmstrip (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Arranges input frames in a grid. Go to frame 1, turn off All Frames Same and hit play


lewis _at_

Version notes

UI tweaks

Older versions that shader

12th of September 2022


UI tweaks

23th of April 2016

  • filmstrip demo

23th of April 2016

  • Warn about 2017

23th of April 2016

  • accum stuff for 2017 beta
  • Ls_Stickon 2-pass nice stuff
  • bit more fluids, still bruk
  • made fluid mega-simple for debugging
  • added premult option, and refuse to comp if output is UV map
  • going back to fluids wip now single frame input bug is identified
  • fluidy fruidy frings
  • workable fluids, a lil
  • flock beginings
  • stickon bit-depth and socket colours
  • more flocky
  • airglow flow blow
  • terrible. super slow, corruption, crashes GPU, abandoning
  • no
  • progress being made
  • flock speed, comments, icon
  • p-map output, obstacle input
  • jets, sinks, noise
  • spaces
  • ewa
  • supersampled UV-mapping, stuff
  • p much there
  • axis icons
  • channel names
  • stupid dashes. also float32 errwhere
  • bit depth warnings
  • comm
  • seed
  • flmstrip… this border maths is the worst
  • something funny when rows <> cols
  • good enough
  • icon, limits
  • Merge branch ‘2017yo’

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