Ls_Flock (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Flock - outputs a position map of points flocking and swarming about. Feed into a Position map in Action, attach an Atomize to the image, set the image’s resolution slider to 1, and remember to turn Adaptive Degradation off on this Matchbox node! For speed, keep the output resolution of this shader as low as possible - view the result or matte output, and adjust the image size so there’s not much black at the top. Make certain the bit depth is 16-bit fp!


lewis _at_

Version notes

UI tweaks

Older versions that shader

12th of September 2022


UI tweaks

23th of April 2016

  • demo links

23th of April 2016

  • Warn about 2017

23th of April 2016

  • accum stuff for 2017 beta
  • Ls_Stickon 2-pass nice stuff
  • bit more fluids, still bruk
  • made fluid mega-simple for debugging
  • added premult option, and refuse to comp if output is UV map
  • going back to fluids wip now single frame input bug is identified
  • fluidy fruidy frings
  • workable fluids, a lil
  • flock beginings
  • stickon bit-depth and socket colours
  • more flocky
  • airglow flow blow
  • terrible. super slow, corruption, crashes GPU, abandoning
  • no
  • progress being made
  • flock speed, comments, icon
  • p-map output, obstacle input
  • jets, sinks, noise
  • spaces
  • ewa
  • supersampled UV-mapping, stuff
  • p much there
  • axis icons
  • channel names
  • stupid dashes. also float32 errwhere
  • bit depth warnings
  • comm
  • seed
  • flmstrip… this border maths is the worst
  • something funny when rows <> cols
  • good enough
  • icon, limits
  • Merge branch ‘2017yo’

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