Ls_Poly (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Create Voronoi diagrams and Deluanay triangulations from seed points in the image. This uses a lot of GPU memory - 3072x2048 uses 6Gb, and 4K may even hang the GPU, so keep an eye on the VRAM Used column in Flame’s Resource Manager!


lewis _at_

Version notes

was super broken on NVIDIA GPUs and also now has better looking defaults

Older versions that shader

12th of September 2022


was super broken on NVIDIA GPUs and also now has better looking defaults

11th of July 2017

  • poly todo
  • poly todo

4th of July 2017

  • uploaded demo vid to correct youtube channel jeeezzzzzzzz

4th of July 2017

  • Tooltip about norms

4th of July 2017

  • creditz

4th of July 2017

  • jump flood voronoi working for 1024x1024, seeds suck
  • atom build file for poly
  • todo notes
  • jump flooding now using explicit pixel distances, good up to 4k
  • random cols, todo update
  • Slightly better seed generation
  • aspect ratio is not in a great place
  • todo idea
  • aspect-correct length calcs
  • junction-finding working
  • this does not seem to be outputting unique addresses
  • use 32-bit float when we start working with addresses
  • think the unique-neighbours detection is working now, ready for flooding
  • needta switch branches herrrre
  • wip output seed cords in each cell
  • showing seed points over voronoi distance map… ready4moreagain
  • second flooding stage of triangle coords there but broken
  • First working delaunay triangulation output from Poly
  • Fixed flipped secondary triangles from 4-neighbour junctions
  • improving line rendering
  • fixed a float precision problem which caused seeds at very left of image to overflow onto right edge
  • delaunay triangles mostly know their centres now… those around 4-junctions in the voronoi map still a problem
  • Added small triangle trimming
  • Added extra flood step to work at 8k, but seeing ghost seeds at image edges past 3.5k ish
  • sorted out seed addresses wrapping over edges of image to next row
  • UI XML & uniforms
  • getting going on all these cell styles///
  • most voronoi cell styles working
  • voronoi texture stamping working
  • rest of drawing styles & comp logic
  • threshold input, icon, TODO
  • comments, matte output, build script for first flood passes
  • variable norm in distance calcs, comments
  • youtube link

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