ak_colorcompress (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Color Compressor through hue rotation around reference point

Use to pull hue, sat, and exposure of the entire image closer to the values of the reference
color. Value of 0 is neutral. At maximum compression whole image will be solid of the reference
color. It honors an input matte to enable keying and masking of the effect.

The curve can be used to bias the effect strenght closer or further from the target color.

Most common use cases are to remove color variations in skin and products. Default target
color is skintone for that reason.

This should look familiar to anyone who used Resolves Color Compressor.

Matchbox shader by Jan Klier https://www.janklier.com

Version notes

Fixing thumbnail

Older versions that shader

30th of August 2023


Fixing thumbnail

12th of August 2023


Initial version

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