ak_skinoverlay (Compatible with IFFS 2017.0.0 and up)

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Displays a hue difference overlay from the skintone line

To use, add after Mastergrade or other operators, use as context view while adjusting grade.
Goal is to center the skintone in image with the best overlay coverage. Either shift entire
image or use curves and keyers to address only specific ranges.

Boundary color are to making over and under more obvious.

Adjust tolerance to your needs. Default of 1.5 is a narror range for precision.

Utilize the HighPass Filter and the post processes to reduce a noisy mask.

HighPass Filter ignors any pixels where either of the HSV values are below threshold, which
often make for unreliable hue readings.

Post processes can blur, erode or dialte the mask.

The input gamma has no effect on the math of the mask, it soley influeces the overlay colors.

Matchbox shader by Jan Klier https://www.janklier.com

Blur filter based on Pyramid blur in ADSK shader samples
Erode/Dialte filter based on code from https://github.com/kajott/GIPS

Version notes

Older versions that shader

18th of August 2023


14th of August 2023


Added colorspace support and matte post processing

12th of August 2023


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