crok_mandelbulb (Compatible with IFFS 2015.0.0 and up)

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This shader creates MandelBulb Fractals.

Demo clip:

Based on:

Matchbox version by ivar _at_

Version notes

Older versions that shader

13th of March 2015

  • added demo pic and fixed XML file

29th of January 2015

  • added SpotlightBlend Mode

  • thx Fred for the formula
  • Added Super AA

BE CAREFUL ! Switching it on will bomb your computer some times

  • Added Super AA and Depth Matte support
  • added SpotLightBlend as requested by Greg-Paul

27th of January 2015

  • fixed FOG issues

  • you should now be able to adjust the fog like it used to work

27th of January 2015

  • fixed matte output bug

  • FIXED: adjusting the fractal color changed the matte output
  • removed POW functions

25th of January 2015

  • changed the shader description

25th of January 2015

  • submitted to GitHub

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