crok_matte_edge_SFX (Compatible with IFFS 2018.3.0 and up)

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This Matchbox shader modifies your mattes like the Matte Edge Node and has the additional feature of being able to pixelspread the forground.


- Gamma: adjust the gamma of the matte
- Erode: erodes the matte
- Blur: soften the matte

- Width: adjust the expand or shrink amount
- Soften: soften the shrinked or expanded matte

- Spread Type: select between parallax, stretch and smear mode
- Amount: amount of pixel pushing
- Width: width of the edge affected by the stretch pixelstretch

- Aspect: adjust the aspect of the selected operation

Stretch pixelspread is based on Ls_Advect by Lewis

Matchbox version by ivar _at_

Version notes

upload to LOGIK

Older versions that shader

29th of October 2017


upload to LOGIK

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