crok_patterns (Compatible with IFFS 2015.0.0 and up)

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This shader creates diffferent patterns.

PolkaDot2D based on
ZigZag based on by patriciogv
Simple loading screen based on by ndel
Iching based on by patriciogv
Truchet based on by patriciogv
Binary Noise based on

Matchbox version by ivar _at_

Version notes

Older versions that shader

6th of September 2015

  • Added Binary pattern

24th of August 2015

  • changed the default pattern

11th of August 2015

  • fixed pulldown issue
  • added matte input
  • submitted to github
  • submitted to github
  • submitted to github
  • Added Nukes ‘Over’ Blend Mode to the list

26th of July 2015


Added additional animated patterns

25th of July 2015


first release of the shader

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