id_Illegal (Compatible with IFFS 2015.0.0 and up)

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Highlights pixels that would be over 1.0 or under 0.0 once converted from RGB to YUV and back.

NOTE: This is not calibrated to any sort of standard and is only useful as a rough indication of potential QC rejection issues for SD/HD deliverable material containing out-of-gamut colors.

Matchbox by Bob Maple (bobm-matchbox [at]

Version notes

Fixed thumbnail

Older versions that shader

19th of July 2023


Fixed thumbnail

6th of June 2018


Added option to ‘Output as Matte’ to quickly see illegal pixels as white over black from the timeline

23th of August 2017


Added ‘No YUV Conversion’ option to analyze original RGB values without converting through YUV

29th of May 2017


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